Challenging the world by thin, light, and highly heat-resistant manifolds and bearing housings required by the current age

The exhaust manifold is the first component of the exhaust system, which collects hot engine exhaust from the cylinders of internal-combustion engines, usually in vehicles. Yamato has been manufacturing exhaust manifolds from the early stages of motorization, making the best use of the iron casting technology the company has cultivated over the years. Especially today, the company has gained a good reputation after its realization of special material, which is thin, light, and highly heat-resistant -- the qualities the present age requires.

As a manufacturer of bearing housings, Yamato is an important partner as a supporting company of a Japanese manufacturer that occupies 20% of the world market share in turbochargers. That means at least 10% of turbochargers in the world use Yamato's bearing housings. Our bearing housings are also used for he turbochargers of one of the largest European automakers. The excellence of Yamato's technology was evaluated highly by an inspector from the automaker who visited our plant. Turbine housings, that are also used for turbochargers, are another of our major products.