Machining Operation Dept

Excellent processing technology to add further value to casting products in this age when a foundry must be more than just a foundry

Cast iron products from the Sokeizai Operation Department cannot be used on their own. Parts are only completed when they have been drilled and machined and assembled with other parts. However good the quality of casting is, its evaluation as a part goes down if the processing is low quality. If the quality of the processing is high, value is added to the product.

Although we use equipment with advanced inspection technology, there are still many points that are only discovered when a casting is machined. Therefore, if we process the castings we produce into complete products before sending them out, our customers will have fewer defective products. The demand for our Machining Department is increasing rapidly and the level of our customers' requirements are getting tougher and tougher, as the technology of our Sokeizai Operation Department gets higher and higher. Under these circumstances, we are promoting rapid renovation, including the introduction of state-of-the-art machines, both for specialist jobs and general purpose. We are also systemizing work flows so that we do not depend only on the skills of experienced technicians. At the same time, we are enhancing and broadening the capabilities of our individual employees.

Integrated processing to meet customers' needs
Many of our casting products are machine-processed so that they can be used as they are and delivered to our customers ready for assembly.
Extensive machining plant
We have two buildings of machining plant with a total floor space of about 1,800 ㎡. Various castings including manifolds, turbine housings, and bearing caps are processed here.
Replacement with modern machinery
To satisfy customers' needs and enhance our processing capability, we have introduced up-to-date processing machines, including vertical and horizontal NC lathes.