Exterior Products Plant

Yamato has been creating towns and cities for over 400 years, beginning with temple bells in the Edo Era

Yamato Intec traces its historical roots back to 1584, when its founder Hama Iemon Kiyomasa was invited by the local lord of Matsumoto and moved to the area from Yui in Kamakura County, Sagami Province (now in Kanagawa Prefecture). For over 400 years since then, the company has been manufacturing public works products that many people see and use every day, from temple bells in the Edo Era to modern bridge railings and street lamps.

Focusing on the planning, design, and manufacture of aluminum-based exterior products and construction materials, the Exterior Products Department has introduced the latest automatic casting system in its resource-conserving and pollution-free manufacturing line known as V Process. This ensures that the items produced from specifications are true to the extravagant images in the original designs. Our products are used widely inside and outside Nagano Prefecture, for well-known places and famous buildings in the Tokyo metropolitan area as well as in rural areas surrounding Shiojiri and Matsumoto.

We always try to manufacture products from the customers' viewpoint, to provide the best and the most appropriate products for our customers through our system that integrates the processes from marketing to planning, manufacturing, and sales. Yamato's strength is the accumulation of precious know-how that can only be obtained by this kind of integrated production.

We manufacture bridge railings, casting panels, decorative street lamps, and various monuments that help create a comfortable social environment. Our gates, fences, mailboxes, and lights make the living environment rich and luxurious. We are proud that, through manufacturing the products that many people see every day, we continue to contribute to creating cities and towns that beautifully harmonize with nature.

●Pubic Works Products (Street lamps, ‘plaques’, etc.)
●Decorative Products (Gates, fences, mailboxes, etc.)