Akio Ashizawa, Chairperson

Because I have experienced every aspect of casting, I can understand the position of everyone in every department of my company and how he or she feels.

I was born in Iida in Nagano Prefecture. When I was a student of a university in Tokyo, I had planned to return to my hometown after graduating. However, when I visited Yamato Seisakusho (the predecessor of Yamato Intec) for a plant tour during a summer holiday, I was overwhelmed by the men working almost naked and the energetic atmosphere of the plant. I immediately decided to enter the company.

The predecessor of Yamato Seisakusho started its business more than 400 years ago in the Iida district of Matsumoto City. It is said that when Ogasawara Hidemasa, the feudal lord, returned to the home of his forebears in Matsumoto from his temporary fiefdom in Iida, he moved many casters, pan craftsmen, and stonemasons from Iida to the Iida district of Matsumoto. I feel some fate that I, who is from Iida, decided to work for the company that originated in Iida of Matsumoto.

I majored in chemistry, which is not directly related to casting. However, my graduation thesis was on phenolic resin, which, I found later, is used for foundry core. I feel fate here as well. As soon as I entered the company, my on-the-job training started, and I have experienced every process of the foundry, beginning with melting iron. Now I think it was a good experience. It is a great benefit as a president to be able to understand the position of everyone in every department of my company and how he or she feels.

I have been totally absorbed in manufacturing.
This is a breeding ground for anyone who works hard.

Later, I worked very hard as a project leader to develop and implement new casting technology, the V Process. When our project was successful, we were awarded the Okochi Memorial Prize, which lead to a great advancement in the company's business. However, everything was not always fine.

The founder of the company was Hama Iemon Kiyomasa, a caster, and the Hama family ran the business since then. However, neither the last, 16th president, Hideaki Nakano, nor I are from the Hama family. I think today, Yamato is a company where anyone who tries hard or who achieves results gets promoted, regardless of their family, educational background, career, or age.

I like manufacturing, and have been totally absorbed in the job. This is a breeding ground for anyone who likes manufacturing, regardless of age or career, to be recognized for hard work, and a positive attitude. I wish to foster talent and I want people to follow my path.