Management policy

Five qualities of management

Our management policy points out five qualities to improve: Management; Mutual education; Products; Workmanship; and Services.
If the quality of education is enhanced, all the other qualities will improve too. For education, it is important that the people who teach and those who are taught work together and get better together. This will result in developing people. For this reason, the word "mutual" is used with education.

Management policy

It is our goal to make contributions and enhancements to our company, workforce and society in general. We do this by adhering to our management policy.

Quality of mutual education	Product quality	Quality of workmanship Customer service quality

We aim at being a reputable foundry brand, and a company that is always selected by our customers for its "QCDF" and skills.

We think that we can satisfy our customers' expectation and needs only with "QCDF"— Quality, Cost, Delivery, Flexibility of production. This basis of manufacturing is met with our unique technology and skill to manufacture safe products. We will strive to enhance our unique services and stay one step ahead of the competition, while always bearing in mind the improvement of QCDF and skills.

Our permanent goal is to become a reputable foundry, and we will proceed toward that goal while showing our presence by our high-mix low-volume production and turbocharger parts. When people say, "If you want someone to make one of those, go to Yamato Intec," that will prove our reputation. We consider that it will be more important in the future how well Yamato Intec's value is recognized by our customers.

With a strong will to survive by focusing on our foundry, we will continue to concentrate on building our reputation, aiming at becoming a unique company by developing the technologies in our region. Our customers are accelerating development globally, and our competitors are always active overseas. Based on the world's highest standards, we will strive to be a company beyond the reach of our competitors, while constantly trying to keep one step ahead of the technologies we have already cultivated.