Company Overview

Company Overview

CEO: Masahiro Murayama, President
Address: 1048 Hirooka-Nomura, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano-ken 399-0702, Japan
TEL: +81-263-52-0626
FAX: +81-263-52-9883 (Head Office)
+81-263-54-1431 (SOKEIZAI Operations Office)
+81-263-53-6312 (Machining Plant Office)
+81-263-53-6304 (Exterior Products Office)
Founded: 1584
Current company established: August 25, 1953
Capital: \90.25 million
Number of employees: 230
Production plant site area: 46,950 ㎡ (505,400 sq. ft.)
Production plant floor space: 16,920 ㎡ (182,100 sq. ft.)
Main products and business lines: (1) Manufacturing of cast iron products including engine parts, automobile parts, and construction machinery parts; related processing, including after-cast machining.
(2) Design, development and production of aluminum casting products for building materials, mailboxes, and decorative fences and gates.
(3) Production of casting products for public works projects, including bridge railings and street lamps.

Changes in capital

November, 1970 \30 million
May, 1974 \36 million
March, 1976 \42 million
June, 1976 \78 million
April, 1992 \90 million

Company History

1584 Founded as an honorable caster with imperial sanction in the castle town of Matsumoto
August, 1953 Established as Yamato Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (1 million yen capital)
July, 1962 Built and moved into new plant at our present location in Shiojiri
February, 1973 Started operation of the first 'V Process' machine in Japan. The 'V Process' was a brand new casting method at the time
January, 1975 Completed HMP molding line and sand processing plant
July, 1976 Completed the ABM molding line and electric melting furnace
March, 1977 Received the prestigious Okochi Memorial Prize for the research and development of the new 'V Process'
July, 1979 Completed a sand processing plant for an ABM molding machine
May, 1980 Installed a high-voltage substation
June, 1980 Started operation of the first V Process production line
July, 1982 Installed two high-frequency induction furnaces
March, 1984 Installed a Furan no-bake molding line
April, 1986 Expanded V Process plant
May, 1988 Established the new TRC casting process
October, 1989 Opened an aluminum castings delivery center and completed a new machining plant
December, 1989 Built a new office building
September, 1990 Renovated and upgraded equipment in the machining plant (including 7 additional machining centers)
January, 1991 Installed a burr-removing robot and a CNC grinder
January, 1991 Installed a burr-removing press machine
January, 1991 Installed a CND-60RA clear line drum blast
April, 1991 Changed the company name from Yamato Seisakusho Co., Ltd. to Yamato Intec Corporation
March, 1993 Installed an APK5L sand molding line for cast iron
August, 1995 Installed a SB100KA super tumblast machine
October, 1996 Started line operation of the new TNC casting process developed by Yamato
October, 1999 Received patent for a molding method for hydraulic hardening materials
January, 2001 Refurbished V Process line and installed robotic pouring equipment
April, 2001 Awarded ISO 9001 certification for SOKEIZAI Operation Department, Machining Plant, and Exterior Product Department
February, 2002 Installed a coordinate measuring machine for machining processes
May, 2002 Installed burr removing 6-axis robot for cast finishing
July, 2002 Installed an experimental small high-frequency induction furnace
May, 2003 Successful in the development of special core-molding technology
March, 2004 Awarded Environmental Standard ISO14001 for all departments
October, 2004 Installed thyristor type 4-ton high-frequency induction VIP furnace
March, 2005 Installed an FCMX molding line
April, 2005 Expanded the second machining plant
August, 2005 Renovated and upgraded equipment in the machining plant, NC lathe and machining center (4 additional pieces of equipment)
December, 2006 Started operation of pouring machine for FCMX line
December, 2006 Started operation of molten metal carrying device
February, 2007 Introduced FCMX production control system
April, 2008 Installed the third HFT furnace
May, 2008 Completed new power supply for melting operation of HFT furnace (one source for three furnaces)