Three Turning Points

From Early Days to Modern Times

Beginning with the invitation of the first master caster, the founding founder

In 1584, Ogasawara Sadayoshi, feudal lord of Matsumoto, invited Hama Iemon Kiyomasa (Yamato's founder) from Yui in Kamakura County, Sagami Province (now in Kanagawa Prefecture), and began the business near Matsumoto Castle. The Hama family became "honorable casters" and received imperial sanction to manufacture arms, and articles used on Buddhist alters in Shinano Province. Later, the family made connections with the Manabe Family, court nobles that controlled the casting industry in Japan during Edo Era, and became advisors, being permitted to use the prestigious title of "Iwaminojo."
Iida-machi in Matsumoto City, where the company was located until the 1960s, is said to have been the district where many casters, pan craftsmen, and stonemasons were living. They were brought by Ogasawara Hidemasa, the feudal lord, when he returned from his temporary fiefdom in Iida to the home of his forebears in Matsumoto in 1613.

Of the companies with over 100 years of operation that were honored by Matsumoto Chamber of Commerce, Yamato is the second oldest following Owariya Dye Shop that was established in 1575.

Later on, the company manufactured many bells and bronze statues for shrines and temples in and around Matsumoto. They include the bell of Gofukuji Temple in Kataoka, Shiojiri City, made by Kiyotsuna, and a statue of Sakanoueno-tamuramaro for Sumiyoshi Shrine in Misato, Azumino City, of which the wooden mold now stands at the entrance of the company. The year the statue was made is unknown. It originates in the folklore that Sakanoueno-tamuramaro subjugated the eight-faced evildoer Hachimendaio. The statue itself was contributed to the government during the Pacific War. Since the Meiji Era, the company has manufactured agricultural tools, necessities, textile machinery, military goods, etc.

  • 1936: Hama Tekkosho was established as a partnership.
  • 1944: The name changed to Yamato Seisakusho.
  • 1953: Yamato Seisakusho Co., Ltd. was established. Brake drums for bikes and tractors for post-war motorization, were its main products.
  • 1962: The company moved to Hirooka, Shiojiri City. Around this time, the manufacturing of exhaust manifolds for small trucks started.