For Better Products

We have attained International Quality Standard ISO9001-2000.
We will make constant efforts towards the following policy, to assure Yamato's quality:

Quality Policy
All of us will strive to manufacture safe products by putting our customers first.

For Better Environment

We have attained International Environmental Standard ISO14001. We will make constant efforts towards the following policy to guide Yamato's environmental conservation activities:

Basic Philosophy
Throughout its production of pig iron castings, machined products, and aluminum casting products, Yamato Intec will fulfill its corporate social responsibility by constantly striving to minimize its environmental impact through sound maintenance and consideration of the environment in management.
Yamato Intec has placed the conservation of the global environment as one of the management targets of all departments: Management, SOKEIZAI Operation, Machining Plant and Exterior Product Plant.
  1. To meet laws and regulations concerning environmental contamination, we will continue improvement activities by setting targets to the extent that is technically and economically possible and by periodically reexamining them.
  2. Through the leadership of environmental management system within the company, we will make all our employees aware of our environmental policies and seek to improve their environmental awareness.
  3. For each department we will decide the most suitable priority area from among energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction or prevention of environmental contamination. When the area has been decided, specific goals will be met through concrete actions and activities.

Yamato Intec will positively publicize this policy, and will provide it to the public whenever requested.

March 1, 2008
Akio Ashizawa, President
Yamato Intec Corporation