SOKEIZAI Operation Department (Casting)

SOKEIZAI Operations Plant (Cast Iron)

SOKEIZAI Operations Plant: Major equipment and machinery

Monthly Output
Max. 1,200 ton
Gray iron FC 20 - 25, Vermicular FCV, Ductile cast iron FCD 400 - 700, High silicon, Heat-resistant ductile cast iron
Name Model Capacity
High Frequency Crucible Induction Furnace

VIP Power-Trak® Ready "R" Series
4000/3000 + (250)/300
High frequency crucible induction furnace

6.2 ton/hr at 1,500℃
Capacity 4,000 kg/furnace (2 furnaces)
Rated output 
3,250 kW (Max. 3,000 kW/furnace)
Melt plus and Multi-drive
3000/2200 + 2200 + 100/0.5
4.1 ton/hr at 1,550℃
Capacity 3,000 kg x 3 furnaces
Rated output
4,500 kW (Max. 2,200 kW/furnace)
VIP Power-Trak® "R" Series
Duraline furnace
1.2 ton/hr at 1,500℃
Capacity 500 kg
Active power 600 kW
Low Frequency Holding Furnace (Channel Type) HFR 120/450 Capacity 10 ton
Max. capacity 12 ton
Rated output 600 kW
Name Model Capacity
APK Molding Line APK5L molding line 950 x 650 x 250/250
35 sec./complete mold
FCMX Molding Line FCMX-Ⅱ 600×500×150-220/150-220
20 sec./complete mold
Furan No-bake Molding Line   5 ton/hr (sand)
Sand Muller MSK-60 54 ton/hr x 1 muller
MSF-25BD 15 ton/hr x 2 mullers
Name Model Capacity
Super Tumblast SB100KA 1.0 ㎥ batch apron type
Super Tumblast SB60K 0.6 ㎥ batch apron type
Monorail Blast KSB-25 2.8 ton/hook ø1,500 x h2,000 hanger type
Clear Line Blast CND60RA 0.6 ㎥ batch drum type
Batch Type Vibration Blast SUR-1 0.6 ㎥ batch swing type
CNC Grinder X6-FDS12R-331 type x 2 grinders For jobs up to ø300 mm and 13 kg
CNC Grinder X6-FDS22R-443GR type For jobs up to ø400 mm and 30 kg
Roughing Lathe SC200 NC lathe x 3 lathes  
Name Model Capacity
Optical Emission Spectrometer ARL3460 Number of analyzing elements: 19
ND Tester One each of type III and type QTA  
Amsler Universal Testing Machine Fujii Seiki 50 ton
Brinell Hardness Tester BEL-T100 BEL-50 3,000 kg
Digital Microscope VHX-900 Magnifying power 100 - 1,000
3D observation function 54 million pixels
ATAS (Adaptive Thermal Analysis Software) Ver. 6.2 System to control solidification of liquid metal
Nova Flow & Solid® Ver. 2.92 Liquid metal flow and solidification simulation
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope PME3 Magnifying power 15 - 800