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Sophisticated and specialized technology; Strong capacity to satisfy the needs for high-mix low-volume production with diversified materials

In each and every age, castings have been
indispensable to support many industries.

From its foundation in Matsumoto as an
imperially sanctioned caster, Yamato Intec
has been manufacturing the castings that
each age required, focusing on foundry
for over 400 years.

However, in the recent waves of globalization, there is more to foundries than simply
pouring molten iron into casts.

As times have changed, Yamato has continued casting, by making efforts from the
start to improve the quality of parts for automobiles, engines, and construction machinery.

And also today, all of us are striving to manufacture safe products, meeting new challenges and achieving continuous technical improvement by our every-day efforts.

One of our strengths is the integration of processes from casting to machining. This integration greatly contributes to the quality assurance of casting products that our customers have come to expect.