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【Management Philosophy】
Happy People Makes Happy Products

Iron Age Fronteer

Yamato Intec Co., Ltd
代表取締役社長 邵 宗義(シャオ ゾンイー)

The “Iron Age” proposed by Danish archaeologist Christian Thomsen in the 19th century. Even if you unravel human history, it is said that iron refining began to be carried out, including the Hittite Empire around the 14th century B.C. After that, after the time of several stars and frosts, after a big wave such as the industrial revolution, the “Iron Age” is still continuing. The types of metals have become diverse depending on their applications, but castings are still needed in every scene of society.

In other words, “casting immortality”. This is the philosophy that our company, founded in 1584, wants to put forward. Although the needs change according to the transition of the times, castings are used in some form to support the foundation of society. However, the industry itself has many small and medium-sized enterprises, and they are facing the problem of lack of successors and carriers. Even in such a headwind, we will aggregate both hardware and software, and increase our presence as a world-class casting manufacturer from Nagano Prefecture.

Quality company policy

Visualize,monitor and improve all process that leads to THE CUSTOMER FIRST and MANUFACTURING THE SAFE PRODUCT

Environmental policy

【basic principle】
Through our production activities, we will strive to continuously and actively reduce the environmental impact to a minimum, and fulfill our social responsibility as a company while maintaining and improving the environment and management.

【Initiative guidelines】
In all departments, we will work on global environmental conservation activities as one of our management goals.

  1. In order to protect the global environment, we will comply with laws and regulations, set improvement items to the extent technically and economically possible, and continuously promote environmental improvement activities by regularly reviewing their goals.
  2. Under the leadership of the environmental management system and 5S voluntary conservation activities, we will comprehensively raise awareness of the environment by disawareness and through environmental policies for all employees.
  3. We will set priority improvement items suitable for the department, such as energy saving, resource saving, and waste reduction in line with the life cycle orientation, and continue to work for concrete improvements.

We will actively publish this policy and provide it if requested.
Revised on May 1, 2020