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Over 430 years of history

Our company was founded in 1584 (Tensho 12). Japan was the year when the "Komaki-Nagakute war" occurred during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and the world was the year after Galileo Galilei discovered "the isochronism of the pendulum." we received a royal license from Emperor Ogimachi at the time as an "Imoji" to manufacture weapons and other items for Shinano Province. Since then, for 436 years, we have been manufacturing castings based in Matsumoto, Shinshu.

Our identity in the casting know-how that has been passed down through generations. The Edo period was a long period of national isolation, the turbulent Meiji era saw rapid progress in Westernization, and the period of high economic growth after the war. Even if times change and needs change, "casting is immortal." We have provided the world with a wide variety of cast products in response to demand, and have become the foundation that supports society.

To a complex casting manufacturer.

In order to meet the needs of a rapidly advancing society, it is necessary to constantly renovate. Until a long time ago, the keyword "only one" was raised, but now it's a basic premise. Therefore, we want to establish a new Yamato Intec as a "complex casting manufacturer". Our brand power based on its long history has thankfully been able to win the trust of our customers and other companies in the same industry.

According to statistical data from the Japan Foundry Association, a company with 300 to 500 employees produces 700 to 1000 tons per month. Although our company has less than 300 employees, we have a production capacity of 700 to 1000 tons per month. In addition to this, it is in a very high level position when various indicators are totaled, and it is attracting attention from sand manufacturers, mold manufacturers, core manufacturers, mechanical equipment manufacturers, etc. that are related to casting. In addition, we would like to consolidate the window functions between important customers and various manufacturers and develop while supporting each other as experts in casting.

Challenge to a new field.

From the time of its founding to the modern era, the needs have changed greatly from the time of the founding of Shinano Province and Buddhist altar fittings. After the war, it was manufactured mainly brake drums for motorcycles and tractors in response to the flow of motorization. In the 1960s, exhaust manifolds (exhaust pipes) for small trucks became the center, and in the late 70s, the exterior field expanded. And in the 90s after the collapse of the bubble, we have been ahead of the times in anticipation of turbochargers and new markets.

And even now, we are at the crossroads of a new challenge. One of them is green energy. The movement around decarbonization has progressed rapidly in the business community, and the government has also declared a goal of virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Many casting products are used in green equipment, and the bearing know-how cultivated by our company can also be greatly utilized, especially for hydraulic parts. In this way, I will not forget the spirit of always challenging, and I would like to make it a strong company with an eye on the next 100 years.

Global business development.

Currently, close involvement with overseas markets, especially Asian countries, is indispensable. Our company has relocated factory rental and production equipment to the Philippines since 2013, and started a partial consignment operation of the bearing housing manufacturing process. And in 2017, we established a joint venture company YNPC in the Philippines, and at the same time increased its production facilities. It went smoothly, in 2020 year, we resolved the merger of YNPC and stepped up to a subsidiary with independent capital.

We also see China, which is now the second largest country in the world in GDP, has an impact in this business. Many cast products with good cost performance can be produced in China, so that the hurdle is never low for Japanese casting manufuctures as for specialized knowledge required negotiate directly to customers. Therefore, our company would like to be the point of contact, and to strengthen our presence through proposals and troubleshooting of the optimal manufacturing process.